Substrate materials such as textiles that are treated with Livinguard have ~24 billion charges per square centimeter. The positive charge outside layer of mask hooks/ arrests the negatively charged bacteria and viruses.

Upon contact, these microbes attach themselves to the textile. This step is called capture or “adsorption”.


The positively charged “magnet” is more powerful than the negative charge of the microbes. The microbes give up and explode. The bacterial and yeast cell walls and the viral protein capsids or envelopes are disrupted, and the now harmless insides leak out and disintegrate.


Once the microbes are destroyed, they have no charge left. They fall off or can be washed off. Once the space they occupied on the material opens up, the charges they attached to are freed. The material continues working with this revolutionary kill power of breadth (variety of germs), efficacy (number of germs), speed, and durability.

For More Information on how the technology works click here.

For More information on how the technology works against coronavirus click here.


Criteria Conventional
Mask Life8 – 12 hours Upto 6 months*Upto 6 months*Upto 6 months*
Cost Per DayRs 45 – Rs 200Under Rs 12/-Under Rs 10/-Under Rs 9/-
Filtration LevelN95Conforms to EN14683
Medical Mask Type II
Conforms to EN14683
Medical Mask Type I
Virus & Bacteria ImpactDestroyed by Livinguard Tech**Destroyed by Livinguard Tech**Destroyed by Livinguard Tech**
ReusabilityCannot be ReUsed30 Times Washable30 Times Washable30 Times Washable
Environmental ImpactMajor Negative ImpactSustainable & GreenSustainable & GreenSustainable & Green
ComfortProne to Overheating & Buildup of Condenstaion with LOW COMFORTUltra Smooth Farbic W/ Exhalation Valve
* 6 months when used daily and washed once a week.
** Proved to Destroy 99.9% SARS Cov-2 (The virus that causes COVID-19).
*** Virus are inactivated on contact refers to a time of less than 5 minutes.